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Szavay : " I Never Give Up "

Cécile Verin
Saturday 09 Febuary 2008 at 19h17
Hungary's Agnes Szavay told us about her match and her coming Open Gaz de France final after upsetting number 4 seed Elena Dementieva of Russia 6-3, 1-6, 7-5. (Photo : Panoramic)  

Agnes, the third set was very close, Elena served for the match and was two points away from winning. How did you manage to come back?
I always stay concentrated on the next point and I guess that's the kind of attitude that made me win today.

What was your game plan to counter Dementiave today?
I know she really enjoys it when people hit very flat shots at her because she basically never misses them. So I tried to mix it up a little bit to make it harder for her and it worked.

When se won the second set 6-1, were you really down or did you prefer to let the second set go to get ready for the decisive third set?
I always try hard to come back when i'm behind, I never give up any set or any game. She just played really good in the second set and I was a little bit passive so she could push me all over the court. But later, in the third set, I was able to come back and play my game, just like I had in the first set.

Your coach has this very intense way of following your matches...
Yes, he listens to music all the time when I'm playing, that's his way of going through the match. He really wants me to win and always giving his best to help me when I need it. He's a great guy.

What does it feel like to be in the final?
It feels so great! Of course it's always special to play a final but here, in a big tournament, it's even better. I didn't play well at the beginning of this year so it's making it even more precious to go this far here at the Open Gaz de France. I'm really looking forward to playing the final tomorrow.

How about the crowd here?
It's always very pleasant to play in front of the Paris crowd, especially when you're not playing a French girl, I have to say (laughs). When you are, the crowd is against you, obviously, which is never a good thing because they're such good and dedicated supporters. But being out there today felt just great.

It will be your third final in Paris...
That's right, I played the singles and doubles finals at the junior French Open. And I won both, so I'm just hoping the outcome will be the same tomorrow!

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