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Bartoli: "Very frustrated"

Rédaction Open Gaz de France
Saturday 09 Febuary 2008 at 22h17
Suffering from a back injury that occured at the end of the second set, Marion Bartoli failed to overcome Anna Chakvetadze for a spot in the finals, despite a wonderful start to the match.  A very frustrated and disappointed Bartoli spoke to us after her loss. (Photo: DR)  

Marion, you were having back pains during that match.  What happened exactly?
I really have no idea.  It would be great if I did.  That way, I'd at least know what's wrong with me.  But right now, I'm just in pain, even as I speak to you right now.  I have a hard time standing up or sitting down.  In that state, it's tough to play a match at that level.  I am really, really disappointed.  I was in control of that match and I really wanted to make the finals here.  It's so disappointing.

Your dad said that the injury might be due to your changed service motion...
Yes, I think that that probably has something to do with it.  It's always stressful on the body when you change a motion like that.  Your body gets used to one way of doing things.  And, even if you've worked on it in practice, the focus and stress of a real match are very different.  Maybe that had something to do with it because the new motion had been working well in practice.  I had a really tough time not externalizing my frustration.  If I hadn't controlled myself, I think I would have broken all my racquets on the court.  At one point, I was really hurting.  Today was just so frustrating!  This is a very hard loss to take.

It looked like the only reason you kept playing was because you were in Paris...
It didn't just look like that.  That was exactly the case.  I think if I had been playing elsewhere, I wouldn't have finished the match because there was really no point being out there in that third set.  But, I just couldn't retire in front of those fans who had done everything to help me get back in the match.  I couldn't disappoint them.  They deserved to see a full match.  It wouldn't have been right for me to stop.  I'm just really regret not being at my best during the whole match because I really felt like I could have won that match and even the tournament on Sunday...

You have already seen doctors and osteopaths.  What was their diagnosis?
Right now, they don't really know.  They just said that my back is very tight and that the pain was being caused by muscle spasms.

Do you think this injury could affect the rest of your season?
Well, anytime you come off the court hurting like that, of course you worry!  It even hurts when I'm sitting down.  But, I have a pretty solid build and physique.  I've never suffered any serious injuries, except for the scare I had with my knee in Zurich.  But, other than that I've never had any injury problems.  I should have a more precise diagnosis tonight…

Translated by Timothy Aaron Priest

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