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Chakvetadze : " Focused Until the Last Point "

Cécile Verin
Monday 26 January 2009 at 14h13
2008 Open Gaz de France champion Anna Chakvetadze, who won the final 6-3, 2-6, 6-2 against Agnes Szavay, shared her comments about the match and her week in Paris. (Photo : Panoramic)  

The third set was very long and tough. What do you think made the difference then?
The 3-2 game was a key moment in that set and in the match. She was serving, I broke her and then it just continued working well for me from that moment on. But still, I knew it was not over, she was going to fight hard and try her best to come back. And because I was playing well, I thought it was going to be ok if I just remained focused until the last point.

You had an easy first set. Yesterday, you said you were going to prepare specifically for that...
Yes, I did prepare well and it showed, but then in the second set I made so many unforced errors! I also had troubles with my shoulder. I thought about calling the trainer, but I also called the trainer yesterday because of my hip, so it's quite a lot! I guess I'm getting old, with so many injuries (laughs) It's not too serious, though, I just had my pectoral muscle taped. It's the first time I have issues with it. I'm glad I have a bye in Antwerp next week, so I won't have to play before Thursday and that will give me time to recover.

Were you surprised when the French crowd started cheering for Agnes?
I think they were really cheering for both of us. The crowd is really amazing here, it helps a lot when you feel that kind of support. I really like the atmosphere of the Open Gaz the France, it's a great one.

You've won all the finals you've played so far, seven of them now, which is amazing. Does that mean you're really good when it comes to important matches or points?
I don't know. It just happens, you know, I never really think about that. I just try to play my best tennis in every match. But of course, winning the seven finals I played is great. I'm not sure it's as amazing as you're saying it is. Of course, when a tournament starts, all players want to play the final and win it. I just have to work hard enough to make it happen, and then hopefully the next step is a Grand Slam final!

Your father usually follows you on tour but you're here with your mother...
Yes, it's not always my dad, sometimes I travel with my mother as well. Because she likes Paris so much, we came here together. She actually asked me to come here. But my parents are not my coaches, they just help me mentally. It can be hard for me to be away from home without anyone from my family because I'm so close to them.

Do you think you and Agnes will play each other a lot in the near future?
Yes, it could be, because she's a good player. She's top 20 and she has a great future. I've known her since the juniors tournaments, so we know each other pretty well.




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