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Szavay : " I'll Be Back Next Year "

Cécile Verin
Monday 26 January 2009 at 14h15
Hungary's Agnes Szavay, the 2008 Open Gaz de France runner-up, tells us more about the final she lost to Anna Chakvetadze and her week in Paris.  

You had quite a slow start in the first set and you seemed to have troubles with your serve. Was that because of your tough semifinal yesterday?
I actually had shoulder problems, it was a little painful so I wasn't very confident with my serve. I couldn't hit it as hard as I usually do. There was also a coordination issue, but I tried to manage anyway and in the second set, everything was much better.

Then you raised your game while Anna started making more unforced errors in the second set. What made the difference in the final set?
The third set was a great one for both of us, we played really well. She didn't give away any unforced errors, or not too many actually. In the middle of the set she broke me at 3-2 and to me, it was the key moment of the final. And because she was playing well after that, I couldn't come back.

She also had physical problems...
Yes, we both got to play difficult and long matches before the final, so I think we were expecting to feel sore. But as far as I'm concerned, the reason why I lost the final set has nothing to do with physical issues.

You're a very smiling player on court, you really look like you're enjoying being out there...
I don't think I smiled that much today. I guess when you see me smiling, I'm also playing better because it means I'm not too worried. I enjoy playing tennis, and I enjoy it even better when I get to play well and play my game the way I want to.

Right now, are you more disappointed than you are happy about this great week?
Well, it's always disappointing to lose a match but I had such a great week here at the Open Gaz de France that I am mostly happy and proud of what I did and how well I played. I actually played so well that I had matches almost every day and didn't get to do some sighseeing in Paris. Maybe next time, because I will definitely be back next year!

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