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Peer: « A Good Feeling »

Cécile Verin
Thursday, 11 February 2010 at 17:48
After her second round win over Karolina Sprem, Israel's Shahar Peer tok time to answer questions about her game and the 2010 Open GDF SUEZ.  

Would you say it was a tough match?
Yes, indeed, it was tough. she had played a lot right before since she has already won four matches here, so she was on a roll. But I managed to play well enough and I'm glad I could win this one.

Do you think you have to improve something before your next match?
Yes, I know I could be much more aggressive and take more initiatives throughout the match. Still, my game was pretty solid today. But matches are going to get more and more difficult and I'll have to play better and better.

Are you going to watch the match of your future opponent?
No, I don't think I will. I usually don't watch those matches, my coach does. I try to organize things, to get as much rest as I can. My coach does his job and analyses those matches so we can talk about them afterwards.

At this time of the year, you usually play in Pattaya. Why are you playing here this year?
Yes, I've played in Pattaya regularly before. But I was in Portugal to play Fed Cup this past week-end, and it was also indoors and hard surface, so I thought it was better to come here. Also, it's a more important tournament and I can keep my momentum. Last year, I had to go from Ukraine, where it was minus 15 degree, to very sunny Pattaya and the transition wasn't easy. And it's fun to discover new tournaments, even after all those years on tour.

Speaking of the Open GDF SUEZ, how do you feel about the courts, the fans...
It's a great tournament, I like it a lot. There were so many spectators in the stands even in the middle of te week, when everyone is supposed to be at work. We're not all alone, with only ten people watching, and that's a good feeling.

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