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Aravane Rezai: "Taking control of my career"

Aravane Rezai:
Rédaction Open GDF SUEZ
Monday, 07 February 2011 at 15:00
At a specially organised press conference, Aravane Rezaï had the chance to give her version of the events involving her father during the Australian Open. She also spoke to us about her new frame of mind.  

Aravane, why did you pull out of the Open GDF SUEZ?
I had a few family problems during the Australian Open and because of that, I decided to take a break and pull out of both the Fed Cup and the Open GDF SUEZ. These family difficulties caused a real earthquake in my head and I would like to apologise to all the girls in the French team for not being there with them. They know what kind of situation I'm in. I really wanted to represent my country but as I only felt 20% prepared, it would have been impossible. I would also like to apologise to GDF SUEZ, who have always supported me as a sponsor. But this break will do me good and allow me to come back even stronger. I plan to return for the Monterrey Open in Mexico if I get a wild card, if not at Indian Wells.

How are you feeling mentally?
I feel a bit better, which is why I'm giving this press conference. I would have preferred to explain things earlier, in Australia, but the WTA and the tournament organisers advised against it as they didn't feel I was ready. I feel stronger now. I've had a bit of rest and lots of things are fitting in place. I'm working on my tennis career, deciding where and with whom I want to work. I know I can have faith in my club and in my sponsors; they will allow me to take control of my career and at the same time stay close to my family and make a fresh start. What's more, coming to watch all of the players here at the Open GDF SUEZ really makes me hungry to play. That's important for me, because tennis really does flow through my veins.

Is it true that there was a major clash between you and your father over your boyfriend in Australia?
The things that have been said in the press are not true – nothing like that happened. There was just a small problem between my father and me, a personal matter. I asked for my private life to be respected but the press wants to know what happened. I understand that. It's true that there was some tension with my father in Australia but nothing serious - you get it in every family. I know absolutely nothing about an Australian police investigation on the subject. As for the WTA's decision to ban my father, that's for them to explain. All I know is that I'm 23 years old and I want to take control of my life from now on. My father accepts this. I need his advice and the advice of my family. But the ability to make my own decisions is crucial for me. I want to move forward with my career and play in the majors. I don't want to hear about everything else that's happened, even if I am fine with it. Time will help me and my family to make the right choices.


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