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Open GDF SUEZ: Huber's disappointment

Rédaction Open GDF SUEZ
Sunday, 14 February 2010 at 16:51
After the awards ceremony, Liezel Huber couldn't help but show her disappointment after having withdrawn from the doubles final. Two-time trophy winners here at the Open GDF SUEZ, the World N° 1 pair was hoping to win their third consecutive victory at Coubertin. But the American player promises to come back on the courts as soon as possible with her partner Cara Black.  

Liezel Huber, for a fighter like yourself, it must be very difficult to have not been able to play this final and maybe win your third consecutive title at the Open GDF SUEZ?
Of course I'm disappointed. It was a new final for us, a new trophy to fight for. We had a really good start to the season and today would have been our fourth final in a row. We really wanted to win a third time in Paris. So of course, we're quite sad to have not played.

But your partner Cara Black's health did not permit it today...
In tennis, like in life, health comes before the rest, and today we just weren't lucky. Ten minutes before the match, Cara really wasn't feeling well, and her nose started bleeding, so we had to call an ambulance. She obviously was in no condition to play today.

As the World N° 1 in doubles since November 2007, the winners of 30 titles, including four Grand Slams, you'll have other occasions to complete your prize list...
We would really like to say we're sorry for not being able to play in this match. I would like to say to my friends and family that we'll do everything to be able to play next week. We promise to be back next year and for the rest of the season in the other tournaments. We thank everyone for their support, especially our fans who were there for us all week, keep up your great support! We really couldn't play today. We couldn't be on the court, but we'll be in great shape for the next tournament we play. We thank you all.


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