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Chakvetadze : "I'm prepared"

Cécile Verin
Saturday 09 Febuary 2008 at 20h58
After qualifying for the final with a 2-6, 6-2, 6-0 win on France's Marion Bartoli, Anna Chakvetadze of Russia stopped by the press room to talk about her match and tomorrow's big final. (Photo : Panoramic)  

You had a slow start in the first set. Were you tired from your match against Mauresmo last night?
I can't really say I was tired but my body hadn't completely recovered. And the trainer helped me a lot with that, I'm not sure I could have kept playing until the end if I hadn't had that help, the match could have been very different in the end. I felt like I wasn't able to move fast enough and that I wasn't able to run as much as I wanted to.

Marion Bartoli had lower back issues and she also called the trainer. When did you first realize she had that problem?
At 3-0 in the final set, I could tell she was really having problems. But it's always very tough on this surface, if you have a long match, you know you back is going to feel sore and stiff. I hope her situation is not too serious and she will recover very soon.

You will play the final against Agnez Szavay, a player you've faced before and won...
Yes, but it was on a different surface and she plays much better on indoors courts. She's a tough opponent, who had a tough match today against Elena. Her serve and backhand are really good, her game is dangerous in indoors tournaments. It won't be easy, I will have to be ready as soon as the first point starts, which is what I've had troubles doing in my previous two matches. A final is always a different match, and I'm prepared.

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