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Safarova : "Feels so good"

Vincent DAVOLI
Thursday, 11 February 2010 at 18:49
Qualified for the quarterfinals after her victory over Francesca Schiavone in two sets (7-5, 6-2), Lucie Safarova was thrilled to get her game back and gain some confidence.  

Lucie, it must feel good to have won such a difficult match.
Indeed, Francesca covers the court really well. I wanted to push her back into the trenches. I really had to give 100% to win this match. It was pretty tight and difficult, so I'm glad to have made it.

It must boost your confidence considerably, also.
A match like this can only be good for me.  

It was pretty tight until 5 all in the first. How did you manage to break away?
Often, when you win an important match like this one, at the end of the first set, you get your punch and nerves back. I used it immediately following to put the pressure on her. And I managed to steal her first serve in the second set. .

 Do you remember the last and only time that you made it to quarterfinals at the Open GDF SUEZ ?
Of course I do. I love this tournament. While warming up this morning, a lot of memories came back to me and it felt good.

You surely want to do just as well as in 2007 when you reached the final?
I'm going to try! (laughter) 

In the next round you're up against Shahar Peer. What are you expecting?
She is playing so well right now. I have to be agressive like I was today without waiting for her to make any faults.

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